Personal Training

Personal Training  Personal training provides effective exercise and lifestyle programs specifically suited to individual needs.

Personal training is built on the foundation of exercise science, nutrition, health screening, fitness assessment, motivational techniques and a wealth of knowledge from the sporting industry.

The benefits of personal training Having a personal training session is more than just a workout. It provides you with proper instruction, motivation, guidance, monitoring, fitness assessment, injury rehabilitation and injury prevention. Some of the great benefits achieved from personal training include:

  • Improved physical appearance
  • Lower body fat ratio
  • Lowered or increased body weight

If you want increased fitness, a better body shape, improved stamina, a better quality of life and increased wellbeing, then personal training is for you.

A training session with Adam; You will be taken through a series of exercises that include a warm up, weight training, cardiovascular training, strength training, core stability, endurance and stamina, posture improvement, stretching and massage.

Any combination of these exercises may be used in your session in order to get results safely and quickly. Adam has a vast amount of training in other areas of health care also, so your health and wellbeing will be constantly monitored during personal training sessions.

You will receive complete holistic care for your entire body. Every aspect of your wellbeing will be covered, from diet, lifestyle and bodily functions to mental and emotional issues and musculoskeletal balance.  You will be surprised what Adam can help you with, so please remember to ask.

Many people are a little apprehensive to step into a gym and start Personal Training, Adam has a special gift in helping clients to feel relaxed and comfortable when entering a gym for the first time.

Many of Adam’s clients comment on how pain free and easy it was to get started with Personal training, because many people have a belief that you will be severely punished in your sessions, which is simply not the case when you start with Adam.

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