Weight Loss

weight lossThere are numerous factors that contribute to preventing a person from losing weight.

People are often unaware of some of these factors which can include addiction, mental/emotional factors, inflammation, stress, poor diet, insulin resistance, allergies, insufficient exercise and a lack of knowledge and understanding about food.

Guidance from a Wellness and Weight loss coach like Adam will provide:

  • A safe and effective tailor-made program
  • Motivation, education and support
  • Tracking and monitoring of your progress

Benefits of weight loss

Apart from the obvious improvement in your physical appearance, the benefits of losing weight are endless because losing weight will require you to live a healthier lifestyle.

This will improve every aspect of your health and wellbeing. The most obvious benefits of losing weight include increased energy levels, lower cholesterol, reduced blood pressure, reduced aches and pains, increased mobility, improved breathing, better sleep, a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes, improvement in blood sugar levels and increased libido.


Losing weight with Adam

Weight loss is truly Adam’s passion. Whatever your weight is and wherever you are on your journey, Adam is able to help.

Whether you need quick weight loss, weight loss tips,  or an understanding of weight loss foods,  Adam will find the answer.

A weight loss consultation with Adam typically consists of  a history and fact finding assessment so Adam can get to know you and understand what’s happening with your body.

A series of tests may be administrated to help indentify any potential factors which may be inhibiting your weight loss.

These tests may include electronic body composition analysis (VLA), iridology, saliva and urine Ph testing, urinary indicans testing (for gut dysbiosis), zinc testing, tongue and nail diagnosis, blood pressure and heart rate. Adam may also request tests from other laboratories.

Adam puts together all the information to formulate your own unique weight loss plan. Your plan will cover many aspects from dietary guidelines and lifestyle changes to exercise, motivational techniques and treatment for any underlying problems which may be preventing weight loss.

Depending on your weight loss journey, you may also decide to have personal training sessions with Adam.

This will lead to fast weight loss because Adam can work with you regularly. Constant support, education and encouragement is often required by people on a weight loss journey.

Working closely with Adam can be a life-changing experience thanks to his compassion, support and his willingness to share a wealth of knowledge with his clients.

Whether you have 5kgs or 100kgs to lose, Adam is passionately dedicated to getting the results you deserve.

Start your weight loss journey today !

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